Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Now With Only 13% Unqualifed Teachers

Mayor Mike has certainly given us a breath of fresh air, what with his innovative use of toxic waste sites for new schools, and his absolute refusal to fritter away valuable dollars on a lawsuit to ensure good teachers, smaller classes, and adequate facilities for city kids. While the CFE funds have been whittled away by 2/3 as a result, at least Mayor Mike has preserved the city's precious right not to contribute toward it.

And now the news comes that a mere 13% of teachers fail to meet standards. That's down from what--15 or 17%? It's a great achievement.

Teachers union President Randi Weingarten credited salary increases, but added, "In order to increase teacher quality even more, we must lower class size, vigilantly promote safety and create a more cooperative relationship between teachers and principals."

As usual, Randi has her finger right on the pulse of teacher retention. Under her and her party's inspired guidance, teachers have six classes a day, no right to grieve letters in their files, pointless busywork in August, perpetual hall patrol, severely compromised seniority rights, no possiblility for high school teachers to choose their own representation, hundreds of working teachers demoted to wandering substitutes, Teaching Fellows tossed out on the streets for the sin of getting caught up in the ATR brigade, a phony opposition party called New Action, and two contracts in a row with increases that failed to meet inflation.

It's always encouraging to know words still come out of her mouth. Sometimes, though, my mind drifts toward reality, and I wish she had a mustache so we could watch it move up and down as she spoke.
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