Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Want It, I Want It All, and I Want It Now!

So says Mayor Mike, referring to the school he wishes to build on a toxic site. After all, toxic waste is a real product of our contemporary society, and Mayor Mike is a hands-on guy. Don't expect to see his hands, or those of his kids anywhere near the place, but it's high time public school children got a firsthand look at it.

While Mayor Mike and his minions claim it's absolutely safe (and since their kids attend private schools, what's the difference?), I can't help but notice that the most he ever proposes luxury housing and sports stadiums on contaminated land is never. Now that, in my view, is not a very high percentage.

Mayor Mike had promised to partially pay for and wait on an independent environmental assessment, but why wait? After all, what if they decide against the project? If Mayor Mike wants it, he wants it, and it must be a good idea, because why would he want it if it weren't? Available non-contaminated fields on Randall's Island are needed for private schools. The Livingston Street building is being converted to condominiums.

I once cornered a Tweed spokesperson and questioned him about the city's actions, which I considered superficial and ineffectual, particularly when compared to what works. His defense was the following:

"Well, at least we're doing something."

If you really want to do something, Class Size Matters has a suggestion:

Call Speaker Quinn’s office today – let her know that this she should allow a vote to block this plan from going forward; this sort of double-dealing on the part of the city should not be allowed, especially since the health of our children is at stake: 212- 788-7210.
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