Sunday, January 14, 2007

Does Size Matter?

Here's a story that suggests small schools may not be the panacea that Mayor Mike and Chancellor Klein seem to think they are.

Like the teaching methods that are presented as the Ten Commandments, then discarded on an annual basis, small schools are just another way of doing things. I've seen a hundred writing books that treat five-paragraph essays as though they are the pinnacle of western civilization. Yet this week I'm reading a great book by Walter Mosley, and he doesn't seem to use them at all.

I understand that small schools can be fine. But they can be terrible as well. You could say the same for large schools.

It would be far better if we disregarded school size entirely, and focused on creating good ones.

Let's get good teachers.

And let's have small classes, because that is where size matters (though personally, I wouldn't want to be that guy in the red shorts).

Thanks to Schoolgal
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