Saturday, January 13, 2007

Curtains for Him...

... because he, a married man, got caught stepping out with her, at least partially on the public dime:

Sources with knowledge of the probe into Reyes Irizarry, whose sprawling territory of Region 4 covers southwest Queens and Brooklyn, told The Post that investigators substantiated complaints that he had an affair with a female underling and gave her a raise.

The subordinate was identified by sources as Eva Chejfetz, director of academic-intervention services for the region, which serves 120,000 children in 95 schools.

I've been getting emails about how awful this guy was, and how glad people are to see him gone. It appears teachers will not miss him very much:

In 2005, Irizarry was the target of a raucous protest by more than 400 teachers who claimed his unyielding management style restricted their ability to teach. A year earlier, he was the subject of a letter of censure by the United Federation of Teachers.

Even the DoE, usually more than maternal in protecting its own, had nothing to say in his defense.

On the brighter side, now we all know what merit pay is for.

Thanks to Schoolgal, Norm, and Tim
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