Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Coveted UFT Endorsement

On Edwize, there's an interesting thread in which Leo Casey defends the UFT endorsement of Governor George Pataki, who vetoed improvements to the Taylor Law, and 25/55 (perhaps to show his gratitude). But it's not the Pataki endorsement being discussed.

Xkaydet65, who occasionally comments here, had this to say:

I have always wondered how the UFT could, with any conscience, consistently endorse Serphin Maltese for the State Senate. Mr. Maltese destroyed the Lay Faculty Assoc. at Christ the King HS in Queens in 1981. He permanently replaced 65 striking teachers, as he was Chairman of the School’s Board of Trustees.

Three years later he provided support, bot moral and material, to the Board of St John’s Prep in their successful effort to destroy that school’s LFA Chapter. This time 96 teachers were replaced. Maltese providied access to a private detective agency to provide security, an anti union llaw firm to assist house counsel Kevin Quill, son of Mike, and he frequently arrived to strategize on how to hire new staff with Don Bertrand SJP’s Board Chair.

Despite this record, Maltese was not only continually endorsed for reelection, but he was a welcome guest at UFT functions in CSB 24.

An Edwize commenter stated the UFT had not endorsed Mr. Maltese in the most recent election. Mr. Casey pointed out that when they did endorse Mr. Maltese, there had been much discussion in the UFT about whether or not they should endorse this blatant union-buster. And knowing what he was, they decided to endorse him anyway.

I remember working with several ex-Christ the King teachers. They were anything but shy about assessing Mr. Maltese. I happened to live in his district at that time, and I voted against him without a second thought.

Mr. Casey also pointed to discussion of Mr. Maltese's "opposition to legislation recognizing gay rights."

Personally, I see no distinction between gay rights and civil rights for any other group . I find it remarkable that my union was able to make such a distinction. Xkaydet65 came to this conclusion:

...if David Duke supported a UFT cause I’m sure he’d receive the Union’s coveted endorsement. Sometimes there’s right and wrong and supporting Serphin Maltese, under any circumstances was and is wrong.

I couldn't agree more.

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