Sunday, January 21, 2007

Commenting Issues

Haloscan, which handles the comments on this site, has been buggy of late. Schoolgal reports getting a message she was "banned by webmaster."

This site's been up for a year and a half, and I've banned a grand total of one person (and not Schoolgal).

So please ignore that message if you get it. What will get you banned here?

Constant ad hominem attacks, for one. You are free to express your ideas here, and you are free to disagree with my ideas, or anybody else's. I take a very dim view of attacking people rather than ideas (I understand that actions or pronouncements may lead to conclusions about people, though, and that may make a difference).

Also, while I enjoy Jon Swift, I'd appreciate if you'd refrain from reviewing movies you haven't seen, or books and articles (or even blog posts) you haven't read. Finally, unless you are The Amazing Kreskin, I'd appreciate if you'd fight the urge to read minds.

In any case, if you get that message on this site, please ignore it and feel free to try again later. If you don't think you're banned, you aren't.
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