Friday, December 15, 2006

Work Smarter

Mayor Bloomberg, faced with the enormous failure that is his cell-phone ban, is considering the placement of lockers outside schools in which phones can be stored. The storage charge would be 25 cents.

That's a good idea for days when searches are conducted. Many of us have to turn away and go home on those days.

For example, above you can see the contents of my briefcase on a typical school day. I'm often uneasy about bringing it into the building on search days. Sometimes I have to arrange to pass it to my associates through windows, and they invariably charge more than a quarter. If I could just stash it in a locker, I'd save a whole lot of angst, time and money.

After school I'd simply retrieve it, move to a street-corner (or back into the building after search), and sell it.

Thank you Mayor Mike, for yet another innovation. While you won't give teachers a cost-of-living raise, at least we know you're one businessman helping out another.
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