Friday, December 08, 2006

Rupert's Sensitive Reporters

The New York Post has become quite an advocate for special ed. students over the last few days. One student, apparently, cried when horrorshow principal Jolanta Rohloff failed to encourage him to get a non-Regents diploma. Not only that, but she also reduced his grade, which may be illegal.

Tragic though that may be, I've sent two New York Post reporters stories about special ed. students who've assaulted their teachers, which is illegal. It appears the Post reporters didn't want to hurt the kids' feelings by investigating or reporting their actions. After all, if the kids weren't allowed to continue harassing and terrorizing their teachers, it might adversely affect their self-esteem.

It's gratifying to see what a big heart Rupert Murdoch has developed lately, and I hope someday to see these kids working alongside Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. They couldn't do any worse than faux-liberal Colmes, and Rupert could gain many new viewers if he allowed the kids camera time to show Bill and Sean what they learned in school.
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