Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Enough for City Kids

Public school reformer Mayor Michael Bloomberg is on his merry way toward constructing four Bronx schools on a toxic dump site. This will give the science classes lots of real-world experimentation possibilities. After all, three-eyed mice are more colorful and interesting than the mundane variety that infest typical classrooms.

And what better way is there to encourage reading than providing kids with bodies that glow in the dark? Mayor Mike knows how tough it is for working families to pay electric bills, and now those lazy teachers will have even fewer excuses for their miserable failures.

The city council has only 20 days to review the plan. rather than the 60 it asked for.

“It’s a toxic site,” said Councilwoman Jessica Lappin. “I think appropriate remediation is possible, but we have to be able to look these parents in the eye and tell them their kids are going to be safe.”

I don't see what the problem is. Mayor Bloomberg has looked the city in the eye before and claimed to have reduced class sizes before, when in fact he'd done no such thing. The Mayor's odd calculation methods are regularly refuted by the state.

But this mayor has proven that in NYC, words matter. Results are largely neglected by local papers anyway. That's why this mayor is considered a visionary, despite his utter lack of substantive accomplishment.

Thanks to Patrick

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