Saturday, December 02, 2006

Four Girls

They sit plotting against me, just waiting for a moment to pounce. And they’re not just any girls, they’re smart ones—you know, the kind that not only register every word you say, but remember them, so as to use them against you when you least expect it.

Yesterday, I heard one of them speaking Chinese, which is not permitted in my ESL classes. I finally had her with the goods. “I heard something I didn’t like from that chair,” I announced, confidently pointing to the offending party.

But her friend had her back. She stood, turned to the chair, and said, “Why are you speaking Chinese, chair?”

Her companions instantly joined her.

“You know the teacher doesn’t like that.”

“I’ve never liked that chair.”

“That chair is always causing trouble.”

They all stood there, relentlessly scolding the chair, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

They win again.
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