Friday, November 10, 2006

Unity Logic

We had a UFT meeting at my school on election day. The Unity CC knew little or nothing about the contract. I got up and spoke about the financial aspects, added that the raises did not even match cost of living, and that it was almost certainly a quid pro quo for continued mayoral control.

The CC called me into his office yesterday, and told me how persuasive I was. He then told me that I represented ICE (which is odd, because I neither attend their meetings nor have any say whatsoever in formulating their policies), and that I was, therefore, a propagandist. I took exception--I speak for myself.

He explained that he needed "the other side" to be heard. I took exception to that as well, since I'm a real working teacher and not a bought-and-paid-for patronage hack. Still, the hacks must come.

I later thought of this--Last year, he brought the patronage hacks in to pimp the atrocious contract we now have, and saw no reason whatsoever to present "the other side."

Curious, ain't it?

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