Friday, November 03, 2006

The Secret of My Success

You really need to get one of these. I work in New Jersey a lot, and I found one in a teacher supply store out there. Sometimes when I take it out, I tell the kids it's my seven-dollar chalk holder, that Miss Laconic doesn't have one, and that I, therefore, am a better teacher than she is.

If you're looking to prove you're a better teacher than I am, better buy two. They're guaranteed for life. They're really heavy, really easy to write with, you can drop them on the floor, and the chalk will still be in one piece.

I broke one a few months back but I didn't try sending it back, being the lazy slob I am. Fortunately, I passed by the teacher store, got another one, and no one caught me using one of those cheap two-dollar excuses for chalk-holders they sell at Staples.

If New Jersey is not on your dance card, lucky you, you can get one here for fifty cents less than I did, smart shopper that you are. And I don't own stock in the companies that make or sell it, either.
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