Monday, November 27, 2006

Get that Contract

The CSA, which represents administrators, has been without a contract for three years, as it thus far refuses to knuckle under to Chancellor Klein's draconian demands. Now it's running a commercial, featuring the voice of a principal, but the one they happen to have chosen has not been active for two years.

That's the difference between the UFT and the CSA. When our union ran a highly inaccuarate piece hyping the worst contract it's ever had, it chose a teacher who waited till the year was out to leave his job. Also, it changed his name so we wouldn't know he was bought and paid for. When called on it, the commenter promised to stay till Karl Rove was indicted, but went and got himself a patronage job instead.

Why does our union have a contract while CSA doesn't? Because when our patronage hacks lie, they go all the way.
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