Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the Contract

All indications are that the CFE suit, which promises to invest in good teachers, smaller class sizes, and decent facilities for children, will be resolved under Governor Spitzer.

By agreeing to yet another contract that fails to keep up with inflation (which hovered around 5% in NYC last I looked), Mayor Bloomberg and Randi Weingarten have ensured that none of this settlement will be frittered away on paying teachers.

Despite Randi's boasts about percentages and figures, a great deal of Nassau teachers hit 100K years ago. And despite her groundless boasts about having caught up with the suburbs, this agreement enables us only to remain 20K behind suburban teachers.

Randi makes preposterous boasts about raises compounded over years and years. But NYSUT prints salaries of our neighbors, which are made available to public libraries. They conisistently outpace us.
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