Friday, November 10, 2006

The Chancellor Smells Blood

NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is openly attempting to bust the CSA by telling principals the APs are holding them hostage. One important point is that he wants to absolutely revoke job security. If, after six months, excessed APs are unable to find jobs, he wants them out.

He said the teachers’ union had agreed to analogous changes in work rules.

Have we? I don't recall. There are those thousand teachers subbing at full pay, but they've not yet found a way to terminate them (they're working on it). They have, in the wonderful new contract (which contains every single drawback of the wonderful old contract), agreed to offer them a "voluntary" severance package.

But where is this leading? You may recall that our awful contract came on the heels of their awful contract. Our fate may very well be entwined with theirs. I hope they hold out. Remember, when the chancellor tells them, "Look at the teacher contract," it means he won't hesitate to tell us, "Look at the supervisor contract."

If they give up tenure, it's curtains for the ATRs, none of whom, as far as I know, have been determined to be bad teachers.

One argument favored by this year's Unity hack is, "Look what's happening to the supervisors."

Well, look what's happening to Wal-Mart employees. We're not making things any better for them (not to mention us), by taking absolutely anything that comes down the pike.

This contract doesn't meet cost of living (this year, it's 5.2%), but it's not as bad as the last "more work for less pay" deal. Personally, though, "the same work for less pay" is not my cup of tea either.

That's not why we pay union dues. And while this contract will almost certainly pass, the people who enabled it, and the last contract, must go. "We'll take whatever," does not merit re-election.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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