Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

I didn't realize it was tomorrow, but she's stuck with me. It turns out schools in Nassau are all closed in recognition of Veteran's Day. You remember that holiday where we show respect for those who've fought for our country? Unlike city offices, schools are open tomorrow.

Thank goodness we have Unity, the caucus that's ruled the UFT for fifty plus years, at our side. It's true, of course, that they gave us the innovative sixth class (the one that is not a class). It's true they made us do hall duty, cafeteria duty, and potty patrol. It's true we can no longer grieve inaccurate material in our files.

We may have the longest school year in the region, and we may not be able to transfer. We may be guilty until proven innocent, we may be subject to 90-day unpaid suspension, and we may be sent out to wander an endless purgatory of substitute teaching for no offense whatsoever. And no, we didn't get that 25-55 legislation they promised us along with the above goodies.

But the Great Randini and Leo Casey sacrificed as well. The UFT office is open one entire hour extra every week. Consider that while you inspect the potties.

Can you imagine what it must take for them to spend one extra hour doing whatever it is they do in there? Thank goodness there weren't any givebacks in the new contract. I'd hate to think of them spending yet another hour.

I'm going to join Unity and get my daughter a patronage position. Should I tell her to bring a coloring book, or do you think they already have them?

Anyway, before you complain about working Veteran's Day, consider that extra hour, and how many times Propaganda Minister Leo Casey has to play Minesweeper before it passes.
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