Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bloomberg Eyes CFE Money

Bloomie has his minions talking up the CFE lawsuit again. Reducing class size, a goal of this lawsuit. is very important to this mayor. That's why he reneges on planned seats, closes schools, and devotes buildings to condos rather than schools. Still, Mayor Mike really needs the money (as long as he doesn't have to contribute).

Getting the funds is particularly vital now that a deal with UFT President Randi Weingarten ( a great collaborator with Mayor Mike, whose re-election chances are bolstered by the pact) ensures none of it need be devoted to good teachers, another goal of the lawsuit. Since reducing class size and paying teachers is pretty much a fond memory, there are tons of things these funds could be used for.

For example, they just broke ground on the Mets new stadium, and who knows how many luxury boxes those billions could build?

It's a win-win.
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