Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yeah, but Can You Do Anything?

In the mystical and mysterious south, and all the way to California, education officials are just now determining kids need more than just geometry and earth science:

"We have a generation of students that can answer questions on tests, know factoids, but they can't do anything."

I happen to know plumbers and electricians can make a hell of a lot more than, oh, teachers, for example, so what would be the crime in teaching kids practical skills?

The senior vice president for human resources at Boeing Co. said everyone needs a range of training to succeed these days.

"An auto mechanic today needs to know computer science, electronics, how to use sophisticated electronic tools ... none of which require a degree."

Here in Long Island, there's a program called BOCES (run by the state, if I'm not mistaken) where a high school student can leave with, for example, a cosmetology license. That student can make a lot more money than the kids who work their way through college at Dunkin Donuts (no matter how good the coffee may be).

Why does every kid have to be a math whiz, while so few get the option of learning a viable trade?

Thanks to Schoolgal

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