Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unity Hack Takes Center Square

Here's what UFT-Unity propagandist Leo Casey says (on a listserv) about people who criticized the AFT:

What a dishonest piece of slander and sleaze that Rich Gibson has
written, and that Gerald Bracey has forwarded to this list. It says
far more about the people who would associate their names with it
than it does about the purported targets.

It's interesting that Mr. Casey chooses to condemn everyone on the list, rather than simply the person who wrote the message that he found offensive. He had much the same to say about those who associated with the United Teachers Party when he accused them of being Nazi sympathizers. Mr. Casey filed a complaint with the anti-Defamation League that was found to be groundless.

He also sent messages to the same listserv trashing ICE:

It is a sign of the political irresponsibility of ICE, that they would hook up with anyone and everyone who says they oppose the UFT, that they would link up with such a group. And when it became known in union circles what appeared on this webpage, instead of separating from the group, they advised them to take down the more explicit links -- such as the Charles Lindbergh quote and the Nazi flag iconography. Pictures of the original web page have been kept.

Mr. Casey revels in attacking, condemning, and stereotyping those with whom he disagrees.

That's precisely how bigots think. It's precisely how teacher-bashers think.

I've encountered that sort of thinking since I was a child. What a disgrace we pay Mr. Casey 2 or 3 times what most teachers make to support his indulgences in such ignorant nonsense.

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