Friday, October 13, 2006

Just in Case...

Edwize may decide to censor my response to Leo Casey's latest foray into self-righteousness (Mr. Casey deems all criticism "personal attacks"), so I'm reposting it here:

Casey wrote:

A system of checks and balances, in which administrators, educators and parents all have voice in the budgetary process, is more likely to produce an optimum balance than one in which administrators possess all the power.

I replied:

Truer words never spoken, and it’s regrettable you and your cohorts turned over so much power to administrators while failing even to win us cost of living.

It’s remarkable you can muster the audacity to say you’ve preserved anything while we now have permanent building assignments and a virtual sixth period. Gloss over it all you like, but if you sit ten kids in front of a teacher like me, I’ll teach them.

Furthermore, those of us in extended day schools are indeed using the time to teach, and our periods now run up to fifty minutes. Actually I’m teaching, not tutoring, full classes that extra time.

You guys are incredible. I can barely differentiate your approach from that of the Bushies. We’re always right, we’ve never made a mistake, the opposition are nazis or worse, and let’s stay the course.


Update: Edwize has deleted the above post.

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