Thursday, August 24, 2006

We're Back in Kansas, Dorothy

Low income students will no longer be receiving federal grants to study evolutionary biology, it appears. Various government spokespersons declared the omission an error.

Of course, various government spokespersons said the Iraq mission was accomplished three years ago, that the resistance was winding down, that Sadaam had WMDs and was in league with Al Queda, and that the war would last 6 days or 6 weeks (they doubted six months).

Perhaps that's why others feel it's yet another step to refute well-established science and edge the United States back to feudalism. We've got those highly efficient black boxes now so who knows whether or not our votes are being counted?If it weren't for that nasty science and history intruding everywhere, perhaps the Bush administration would be able to proceed more rapidly with the vital business of reducing Steve Forbes' tax bill.
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