Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tom Terrific

If you're planning to vote in the upcoming Democratic primary, you ought to know that Tom Suozzi has declared funding in NYC is a "moral crisis." Mr. Suozzi proposes, among other things, more charter school and raising aid to NYC by less than half of what the CFE lawsuit mandated.

His opponent, Eliot Spitzer, proposes to boost aid by close to the mandate (Mayor Bloomberg, the education mayor, has declared throught a representative his intention to contribute not one dime toward the NY State Supreme Court mandate). Suozzi says full funding will result in a tax hike. Spitzer says it won't.

Supremely ambitious Suozzi got my vote for Nassau County Executive. I was thrilled when he beat a party hack to get the nomination.

Furthermore, Suozzi is absolutely right that funding NYC is a moral crisis. That's why I'm voting for Spitzer, first in the primary, and then for governor.
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