Thursday, August 17, 2006

Only the Best Principals for our Precious Children

Anyone curious how much value the Bloomberg administration places on experience need only read this column by Samuel Freedman comparing the traditional route to principal with that of Klein's academy. It's truly incredible that Klein seems to value neither classroom experience, administrative experience, nor even a master's degree.

I'm struck, however, by this paragraph:

The upheaval in New York’s corps of 1,451 principals — more than half have resigned or retired in five years — cannot be laid entirely to Mr. Klein and his approach. Higher salaries in the suburbs, periodic buyout offers and protracted periods without a new contract have all contributed to the current situation.

Pardon me, Mr. Freeman, but isn't Klein responsible for the disparity in salary between the suburbs and the city? Isn't Klein responsible for the protracted periods without a contract? Isn't Klein responsible for any and all buyout offers that occurred under his tenure?

How come all talk of accountability begins and ends with teachers?

In fact, it's entirely Klein's fault we're using cut-rate, bargain-basement principals. The results are predictable: precisely the same as those thirty years of cut-rate, bargain-basement teachers have wrought.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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