Friday, August 04, 2006

Mayor Mike and the Very Sunny Day

Poor Chaz. Out there in the sweltering unbearable heat trying to motivate teenagers to learn biology. Everyone knows it's too hot for biology. But wait, maybe there's hope---here's a notice from the DoE:

ALERT: Due to heat conditions, summer school attendance is optional on Wednesday, August 2 and Thursday, August 3 -

In anticipation of a severe heat wave, please be advised that attendance at Summer School on Wednesday, August 2nd is not mandatory. Students will not be penalized for being absent on that day. Parents' familiarity with their child's health and physical condition should help them determine whether or not to send their child to school. Please note that the school will be open, teachers and supervisors will be present, and classes will be in session on Wednesday. Parents should contact their Parent Coordinator if they have any questions.

Uh-oh. Bad luck for Chaz. While Tweed, from its air-conditioned offices, has deemed being out and about unfit for ordinary humans, it's apparently no problem for New York City teachers. This should come as little surprise from the cool mayor who recently announced we ought to thank the head of Con Ed for leaving parts of Queens with no electricity for days.

I can only imagine what those poor folks in Astoria are thinking right now.

This is nothing new, however. Mayor Mike is following in the illustrious footsteps of his predecessor, Saint Rudy, hallowed be his name.

I remember a very snowy day about a dozen years ago. I was on the Long Island Expressway. Cars were crashing to my right. Cars were crashing to my left. Mayor Giuliani got on the radio and said, "Don't come into work today unless you absolutely have to." Yet the schools remained open. I posted the mayor's words as the quote of the day for the handful of intrepid souls who placed learning English above their personal safety.

I shouldn't criticize, since clearly I must have been just as crazy as they were.

Thanks to 17 More Years
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