Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fresh Pig

Ron Isaacs, aka "Redhog", is offering us yet another chapter of his newfound philosophy. You may remember that Ron wrote a litany of lies and half truths praising the contract on Edwize, using yet another name so we wouldn't peg him for the Unity hack he is.

Despite Ron's claim to be "from the trenches,", he crawled out of his trench ands retired before the contract was a year old to grab a UFT patronage job.

Here's something you may not know about Redhog--two years ago he was so disenchanted with the monopoly UFT leadership that he ran against them, with ICE. In fact, I'm led to believe he helped them to get on the ballot. This could not have been a capricious decision, since he'd been a chapter leader for years beforehand.

Now that he's got one of those neat two-pension UFT jobs, though, Ron adores Unity and its history so much that he's written a memorial to former UFT President Sandy Feldman. You've gotta wonder how much adoration he felt for her two years ago, when he was running against the party to which she devoted her career.

And you've gotta question the wisdom of showering patronage on people whose loyalties are so blatantly for sale. When the UFT leadership comes up for re-election next year, it'll be high time to consider a healthier dietary alternative.
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