Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad Spell for Charters

USA Today reports that charters, after all, do not outperform public schools. So does the NY Times. Despite having 100% enrollment of kids with proactive parents, they do a little worse.

US Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings says they need more time. After all, it's only been six years since Michael Bloomberg got into office, and he still hasn't managed to bust a single union.

According to the articale, Albert Shanker came up with the notion of charter schools. I'm sure he did not envision them in the hands of demagogues like Eva Moskowitz. I can see a useful role for charters. Unfortunately, folks like Bloomberg and Spellings see them as nothing more than a battering-ram to be wielded against the inconvenience of unionism.

One only needs to observe the obscenely preferential treatment received by charters to see how little Mayor Mike values open public education.

Read more from Jim Horn at Schools Matter.

Thanks to reality-based educator
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