Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Trouble with American Kids

They don't care anymore. Fail a class? So what?

Didn't study? Big deal. What's the worst that could happen? If they go to summer school, they not only get a free Metro-cards, so they can cruise around the city and visit all the other miscreants, but also a yummy free school breakfast, courtesy of Mayor Bloomberg. Who pays for that? Me, that's who.

That's how they think, these kids.

Did we think like that when we were kids? Nah. Of course not. We had to walk to school. Every day. Even in the snow.

We were serious, goldarn it. Now why can't they be more like those Asian kids? Look at this here story. Why, this Japanese boy got so upset about taking a test that he burned down his house so his parents wouldn't find out about it.

Now why can't our kids be more like that? What we need is more testing, by cracky, till they get the hang of it. Where's my fountain pen? I'm gonna write me a letter...
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