Sunday, July 09, 2006

NYPD Sends the Mayor a Message

It's interesting when Mayor Bloomberg throws up his hands and calls for binding arbitration. The woefully underpaid NYPD, not surprisingly, has yet to jump at his typically unattractive offer. Oddly enough, this Mayor is not content to sit and wait for years, as public employees have often done for him.

Unlike our union leaders, the NYPD's are smart and tough. They insisted on raising pay for veteran cops last time, agreeing to pay cuts for rookies. The noble UFT insisted on protecting rookies, and was roundly praised for it. For about five minutes. Then the Post and News began their semi-weekly pronouncements that we were and would always be the lowest form of scum of God's green earth.

But the cops "ate their young," as the geniuses at Edwize put it. Guess what? It got a lot harder to attract cops. Now, the city wants to raise starting pay, but NYPD wants all cops to get a raise. Whose problem is this? Bloomberg's, of course. This is yet another entirely predictable consequence. If teachers in the lunchroom knew it would happen, why didn't the mayor?

Thanks to Schoolgal!
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