Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Laws

NYC Educator has been on the road for the last few days, along with Senora Educadora and little NYCita. I'm afraid, viewing the country, I've determined there need to be some new laws, and perhaps a constitutional amendment to enforce them.

First, there needs to be a special ring of hell for people who get into the fast lane on Tennesee highways with seventy-mile speed limits, and drive 57 mph. Yesterday, I was behind the proverbial Arkansas traveler, with the license plates to prove it, and the only thing missing was the theme music.

Drivers who move slowly, then speed up just as you're passing them need to be executed. For this, we need those military tribunals so as to save the expense of trials.

Finally, bands who play in theme parks may not take a forty dollar tape recorder, put it on the stage, press the results as a CD, and sell it to their listeners. For this infraction, the penalty must be financial. First, they must refund all proceeds from the crap CD. Then, they must perform their music at the park exactly as it sounded on the CD.

If they lose their jobs as a result (and they surely will), we must attribute that to karma.
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