Sunday, July 09, 2006

Is Size Everything?

Here's another teacher who lost his job. He says it's because he's overweight. Michael Frank,who weighs 325 lbs., was not granted tenure at Lawrence Middle School, despite four years of "overwhelmingly positive reviews."

Frank, who is 6-feet-4, says the assistant superintendent evaluating his classroom performance said, "You are so big and sloppy," and "your appearance is not conducive to learning."

It's hard to imagine an administrator who doesn't work for NYC schools saying something that stupid, but perhaps Frank's former boss is the exception that proves the rule.

There's one more thing, however, about this story that puzzles me:

He lost his job teaching seventh-grade math at Lawrence Middle School, and has since found a lower-paying job at August Martin High School in Queens.

Didn't UFT President Randi Weingarten declare that we'd caught up with the suburbs?

But--if he's making less in the city, that means he was making more in the suburbs. So that means--wait--what did Miss Clavel say?--Something is not right.

Extra credit to the first poster who can explain what it is.

Thanks to Schoolgal for the tip.
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