Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What a Predicament

Let's say you're principal of one of the best high schools in the country, let alone the city. You manage to alienate your entire staff through your imperious attitude. You don't like the newspaper your brilliant (literally) students come up with, so you suppress it.

Let's say, despite your rigidly high standards for anyone unfortunate enough to be in your employ, you get caught sending your kid, illegally, to good NYC schools, depriving some real-live New York kid of the chance to do the same. Finally, the indifferent city administration has to do something, as you've become a public embarrassment, so they let you pay tuition and retire quietly.

Let's say it's later revealed, that rather than allow your low-income students to take tests for free, you allowed them to pay for the tests, and kept the fees for your school's general fund. Who knows what other surprises you've got up your sleeve?

And how on earth can you find another job as principal?

When things get that tough, you have to go to New Jersey.

Thanks to Schoolgal for the tip!
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