Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Unity Pimps Crap Contract, then Blames Klein

On page 16 of this week's Unity propaganda rag, NY Teacher, the 190-day school schedule is laid out. August 31st, September 1st, and Election Day prepare yourself for more conferences. There, you will learn in great detail what an awful job you're doing, and how Klein's 23-year-old geniuses have superior plans (never mind that they've never been tried before and no studies anywhere substantiate them).

Unity is crying about how no city school will close for Veteran's Day, ignoring the fact that they failed to mention it in contract negotiations. They're also upset that Chancellor Klein wishes to extend the school year as long as he does. Apparently our crack team of negotiators thought our buddy Joel would just say "Sure guys! Take an extra week off and have a great time!" That must be why they didn't immortalize that request in the contract either.

Well, we've learned a hard lesson. "Come on" is not the most compelling of arguments, particularly after you've agreed to a contract guaranteeing more time, more work, more nonsense, and less pay. Who woulda thunk that's precisely what we'd get?

Not our crack negotiating team, that's for sure.
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