Thursday, June 22, 2006

Unity Needs Your Money

It's been a tough couple of years for Unity. They had to arrange a contract, which entailed going to PERB, taking whatever the hell they proposed, and even making alterations after the fact, without consent of rank-and-file. They also had to sell version A to the membership. For this, they had to threaten rank-and-file with a strike, spend day after day propagandizing on Edwize, and blithely promise a 25/ 55 retirement plan (In the last issue of NY Teacher, UFT President Weingarten suggested such a plan might be mandatory for new enrollees and optional for those already in the system. Translation--it may not be financially feasible or worthwhile for those approaching 55).

Now teachers, being the complainers that they are, say they have longer days, three extra days of useless conferences, an extra class to teach, and an extra period of hall patrol, lunch patrol, potty patrol, or whatever. They whine and moan about getting 90-day unpaid suspensions based on unsubstantiated allegations. They cry about the loss of the transfer plan.


Do you know what Unity is going to have to do as a giveback for the 15% raise it just awarded itself? No?

According to the ICE-UFT blog, they're going to keep their office open one extra hour every week. A whole hour. Are teachers gonna do that? Of course not. They don't even have offices.

That's why Unity employees get two pensions, make way more that teachers, and will continue making even more than that. Suck it up, dues-payers.

You get what you vote for.
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