Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Unity Has Something to Sell You

In fact, Unity hacks will sell you all their entrenched, indifferent 50-years-in-power party has to offer. You don't find that attractive? Well, OK, maybe we can work out a special deal.

Let's say you start out as a gadfly, doing irritating things like getting ICE on the ballot for middle schools, or writing for seditious tomes like EdNotes. Then, the year before your retirement, you feign a change of heart, and find yourself passionately supporting the worst contract you or any of your colleagues have ever seen.

Unfortunately, due to your frequent comments on Edwize, everyone in the union has already got you pegged as an uncritical lapdog. So when they ask you to write a litany of misleading propaganda and half-truths pimping the contract how can they call you a voice "from the trenches?"

Simple. They change your name. Voila.

Word on the street is that Ron Isaacs, aka Redhog, aka "Irukandji", (appropriately enough, a jellyfish) has done his time, will retire, and is being sent out to pasture to write for NY Teacher.

The rest of us can continue to reap the benefits of the contract he and his Unity mates have cooked up for us.

Thanks, Ron! Enjoy your retirement. As lowly duespayers, it's our honor and privilege to fund your second pension via our forced contributions to the Unity patronage mill.
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