Saturday, June 24, 2006

Semesters of Our Lives Chapter 9

How to Make Teachers Wear Ties

The principal couldn't believe what had happened. He'd had that cheese film, and the cheese discussion coldly calculated to the last moment. Till that Tier One stood up.

That bastard! How could he just appear out of nowhere and upstage him like that? After all his planning! After he’d so cleverly placed Angie in front of the group! He was just about to convert the whole lot of them and that bastard Tier One had to stand up and ruin everything.

I mean, come on! All you had to do was look at the man to know he wasn’t serious. Those shorts, every day, even in the winter…and those horrible T-shirts! The man didn’t even have the decency to wear a collar! What does it take to toss on a shirt with a collar on it? Nothing, that’s what!

How could he lecture the staff to “dress for success” when Tier One kept coming in dressed for nothing but his own personal comfort? It was…it was selfish, that’s what it was!

And how could he get rid of Tier One? He’d probably been in the building since before it was built, and it was just hard to fire people like that. As if that weren’t enough, everyone said he was a good teacher, and he’d gotten letters from grateful parents whose kids never understood history until Tier One had taught them. It wasn’t fair!

Why couldn’t Tier One be like his good-for-nothing assistant principal of organization (APO), who didn’t do his job worth a damn, but wore a suit each and every day? Sure, it was irritating having him around the office, but he looked good. When people from the region came, they always commented on that.

The principal picked up the phone. “Seymour, get in here right away.”

30 seconds later, Seymour, APO, was standing before the principal, pen and pad in hand. Look at that. A tan suit, a cream-colored shirt, brown shoes, and an elegant tie that set off the whole outfit. Why on earth couldn’t Tier One dress like that? He probably got paid more than Seymour.

“Seymour, I want you to start building a file on Tier One.”

“I’ve been trying to. But everyone seems to like him.”

“Well, what can we do about that?”

“I-I don’t think there’s much we can do. His boss, on the other hand, is a member of your cabinet, and he doesn’t even wear a tie.”

“No tie?” The principal thought for a moment. “Does he wear a collar, at least?”

“Well, yes he does.”

“Let me think about this, OK, Seymour?”

“Yes sir!” Seymour scurried back to his cubicle.

Hmmm…that darn teachers’ union would make it almost impossible to get rid of Tier One. But his AP? Hadn’t he taken an awful lot of time off when his sister was sick with cancer? Had he cleared it with him? Perhaps. But this was just the sort of example that could get the school back in shipshape order.

With any luck, soon everyone would be wearing a tie. And he’d be superintendent in no time.

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