Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Politicians are Tricky Bastards

Joe at The Chalkboard reports that the failed charter cap bill had a poison pill attached--to wit, a 25/55 retirement bill for NY State teachers. Had the cap been raised, Pataki would have approved it.

There is a separate bill for 25/55, but Governor Pataki has vetoed it before, being a tough anti-labor potential Republican presidential candidate (in his dreams).

You won't read about this on Edwize. There's been nothing there about Unity's changes to the contract, or the municipal coalition, or various other things which may affect working teachers. Modestly, Edwize did not even report Unity's great sacrifice--after they voted themselves a 15% raise, they selflessly agreed to keep the UFT office open an extra hour a week, so they could do even more of whatever it is they do in there.

However, when teachers approach me on the street and ask "Hey, NYC Educator, what does 6-figure Unity employeee Leo Casey think about Darfur and Wal-Mart?" I always tell them "Check out Edwize. They'll have the latest on that."

You can imagine how grateful they must be.
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