Sunday, June 04, 2006

O'Reilly Blames American GIs for Nazi Executions

In an ongoing effort to characterize alleged events in Haditha and documented atrocities at Abu Ghraib as business as usual, Bill O' Reilly, has on at least two occasions blamed a Nazi WWII massacre on American troops.

That, perhaps, explains why the Fox motto "fair and balanced" makes no claims as to accuracy. And since accuracy is no longer an issue, it's easy to continue calling it "fair and balanced."

Note also that O'Reilly has stated that teacher unions are "not good Americans." Better we should cower at the mercy of lying anti-labor thugs like ex-US Education Secretary Rod Paige (The NEA is a "terrorist organization.") and hope for the best. O'Reilly supports "right to work" for teachers since unions have the inconvenient effect of amplifying the voices of working Americans.
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