Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Endless Struggle

It's a neverending battle between youthful enthusiasm and well-aged treachery. I'm convinced, you'll be pleased to note, that we're currently winning the war. But the kids have developed a new weapon in their arsenal of fiendish deceptions.

It turns out there is a new ring tone that's imperceptable to the adult ear. Therefore, students can hear it, but teachers can't. What shall we do? Should we raise the white flag and scurry away like frightened rabbits?

Absolutely not, say I. Stand your ground with pride. Let them have their accursed victory, and let them snigger that you can't hear the tone. But if they dare take the electronic devices from their pockets or purses, pounce on them like mad dogs!

This is war, ladies and gentlemen, and we must yield not one inch of our precious authority.

Actually, I don't see what the fuss is all about. I have my phone on vibrate, and when it goes off no one knows about it but me. How many kids do the same? Who knows? Who cares?

As long as they don't interrupt my class, I'm fine with it.
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