Friday, June 02, 2006

Brave New World

Over at New York Magazine, they're plotting the future of the city. They anticipate the city will go from 8 to 9 million inhabitants.

They've given a lot of consideration to what we'll need.

We can’t just bulldoze and slap up some towers—we’ve learned some lessons from the sixties—and it isn’t just half a million new homes that we need. Those million need offices, factories, labs to work in. They need subways, buses (and ferries and trams) to commute in. They need places to park and places to play, plus the power to light their homes.

Did you notice there aren't any schools on that list? Does New York magazine anticipate that not a single one of these million new inhabitants will be under voting age? Or is that simply unimportant? My school's bursting at the seams now at 250% capacity, and we have a few hundred more coming in next year. Are they planning to just leave all the new kids with us?

While they may have learned some lessons from the sixties, they seem to have abandoned the whole learning thing sometime around 1976. Or perhaps they've determined education will be obsolete in the new world.

To tell the truth, I'm particularly irritated by this because the AC in my trailer is on the fritz. If anyone tells you that corrugated tin walls are a good way to stay cool in the summer, they probably push paper for Chancellor Klein in cozy, carpeted, air-conditioned offices at Tweed.
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