Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Blood

A young colleague of mine just had an interesting experience with one of our new security guards. For the first ten years I worked in this building, we had a core group of guards, all of whom we knew by name. Two of them, however, were removed for reasons unknown to us. When we complained about their absence, The DoE (or perhaps the NYPD) removed our entire security staff. That would show us.

In any case, my inexperienced colleague found two kids fighting in the hall and endeavored to break it up. As he was doing so, a member of our crack new security staff observed impassively, being otherwise occupied drinking a can of soda. The young teacher, after writing up the incident, was then lectured by administration that neither the school nor his insurance would cover any injuries he suffered while breaking up fights.

What on earth could he have been thinking? Everyone knows that's a job for the security guards. Or the deans. Or somebody.
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