Saturday, March 11, 2006

You Gotta Give the Prez Credit...

...for consistency. As a candidate, in the face of surpluses, he said we needed to ease the tax burden of the very wealthy. When the surpluses disappeared, GW said we still needed to reduce the tax burdens of the very wealthy.

Now that we're in an endless, pointless war and facing record deficits (largely caused by tax cuts on people making over 330 K a year), GW thinks we need to make those tax cuts permanent.

His approach to education is much the same. Hire a loyalist education secretary with no educational background, judge every population based on testing (whether or not they even speak English), support vouchers, exempt voucher schools from the tests that burden public schools, and hope to close down as many public schools as possible, thereby reducing tax burdens.

After all, why should Steve Forbes have to help educate your kid?
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