Friday, March 24, 2006


We are the most modern school in the world. Months ago, I boasted that we had each and every classroom wired for the internet, but no computers. Now, we have a wireless network that reaches every classroom in the building. We still don't have computers, but if we ever get them, we'll be ready.

Yesterday, I decided to bring in my laptop and test the connection in between school and Parent-Teacher night, and I'm pleased to report that it works. It's about the speed of dial-up, which I abandoned years ago, but it works.

The censoring software works very well. It wouldn't allow me to access reality-based educator, for example, because there were too many objectionable words. I'm thinking Bush, Rumsfeld and Abramoff.

I, for one, applaud the Department of Education for their foresight.

High school kids are simply too young and impressionable to read about such things.
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