Friday, March 10, 2006

The New Gold Rush

There’s a bonanza out there for entrepreneurs in school tutoring, thanks to GW’s characteristically flawless education reforms. Why, you can hire just about anyone to teach NYC’s kids, including criminals, and split up almost 75 million bucks. That’s not a bad payday.

It’s even better when you consider that less than half the kids who qualify even bother to show up.

This brings us to a problem. While everyone, from John Stossel to US Education Secretary Margaret Spelling, knows lazy teachers are solely responsible for lack of student achievement, what the heck do you do about kids who just don’t show up?

I mean, you’d think the notion of hiring marginally qualified tutors would have chronic cutters breaking down the doors to attend school after hours. You’d think they’d jump at the opportunity to study with genuine convicted criminals instead of boring teachers.

It must be another conspiracy cooked up by those goshdarn terrorist teacher unions. After all, Bush is always right. Even his brother is always right.
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