Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's Not Fair

Such was the message of one of the UFT's ineffectual TV campaigns, but our leaders still love it. Students in my classes know better than to use this argument, as does my 9-year-old daughter.

With its standard lack of foresight, tired, entrenched UFT monopoly party Unity allowed Chancellor Klein the position of "lead teacher." Unity propaganda sheet Edwize vehemently insisted this was not merit pay here, and here. School Chancellor Joel Klein, always a step ahead of Unity, stated outright "It’s not performance pay, but it is merit pay."

Now, propagandist Leo Casey complains it's not fair that Klein has excluded the UFT and parents from the selection process. Why on earth didn't Unity negotiators make such participation mandatory as part of the contract they agreed upon?

You may recall Casey ridiculing the concept of a sixth class, and other Unity hacks claiming there was no such thing, as though the "small group instruction" were not a sixth class in everything but name. After all, as six-figure salaried, double-pensioned UFT employees, they don't have to teach them anyway.

Unity endlessly hyped this contract, going so far as to change the names of its lackeys to trick us into believing they were typical teachers. They can defraud us, but, like the current national administration, they can't seem to take responsibility for their egregious errors.

Let's show them the door and reclaim our union.
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