Monday, March 06, 2006

If You Don't Give Me that Pass...

A Florida teacher faces suspension after having refused to let a kid visit the lavatory. The kid said he would urinate in the trash can if she didn't let him go, and waddya know--he was as good as his word.

I've refused the pass to hundreds of kids, and heard many such threats without ever once having that happen. I give the pass freely to reasonable cooperative kids but am very stingy with kids who like to wander the halls. I hate having them disrupt my classes, so I don't send them to bother my colleagues.

If I think kids I'd normally deny the pass to really have to go I create some pretext to give them the pass--bring the attendance folders to the office, please. This teacher, supposedly, embarrassed the kid. It's tough, though, for me to see this kid as the type that embarrasses easily.

The kid had the option of getting up and going to a bathroom, and chose rather to be theatrical. There should be consequences. But this kid's behavior strongly suggests they should not be directed at the teacher.

Parents wonder why teachers lack authority. Give some credit to troglodyte administrators like those who side with kids who urinate in trash cans.
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