Friday, March 31, 2006

Fool Me Once...

UFT President Randi Weingarten, recently humiliated by the self-serving editing of right-wing demagogue John Stossell, has come crawling back for more.

This week's NY Teacher reports that Stossel has accepted her challenge to teach for a week in NYC. First of all, by allowing him to take responsibility for real kids, it's implicit that teachers need no qualifications or preparation.

Anyone can do this job. It's a lark.

Right there she's demeaning our profession.

Furthermore, if Randi thinks Stossel is doing this for any other motive than to prepare yet another hatchet job, she's laboring under a terrific misconception. Stossel's got free reign on ABC to spout whatever nonsense strikes his fancy.

Expect to read his column in the NY Sun describing the week as a walk in the park, vilifying teachers, criticizing public schools as inadequate, and renewing his call for vouchers. Expect well-edited film footage calculated to prove the points he's already decided upon.

I've seen Randi Weingarten speak, and always thought she was very smart. But she's dealing with someone with a clear and pronounced agenda, tremendous access to mass media, and she ought to know better.
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