Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bring Back the Hickory Stick?

That's what Scott McConnell thinks we ought to do. Mr. McConnell is the education student at Le Moyne College who got expelled for expressing that opinion in a paper, as well as advocating an end to multiculturalism. Mr. McConnell also suggested a classroom should be run "like a dictatorship."

After a legal battle, Mr. McConnell has been reinstated. I agree that his expulsion was an extreme and uncalled-for measure. I also agree that a classroom should be run "like a dictatorship." There is no question of who's in charge of my classroom, and I certainly hope my daughter's teacher makes that clear as well.

However, I'd have to draw the line somewhere before public floggings and firing squads. I find corporal punishment absolutely unacceptable. Anyone who needs to resort to such measures lacks the imagination to be an effective teacher.

I'd never hit my own child, let alone anyone else's. And any teacher who hits my child will not remain one very long.

Mr. McConnell has a right to attend LeMoyne College. But I wouldn't want him teaching my kid, or anyone else's. Hopefully he won't apply in NYC, where a pulse and a diploma still score a passing grade with Mike and Joel.
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