Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Big Brother is Watching...

...on closed circuit TV, no less. To curb the problem in Bosnia, where 90% of undergraduates were cheating, they're watching them, or at least going through the motions.

I also had a few college teachers, like their Bosnian counterparts, who were far too busy to keep an eye on their students. I particularly remember a Spanish class led by a teacher who knew everything about a certain country in South America. He was forever regaling us of his scholastic exploits and showing videos of his interviews.

The young woman who sat next to me regularly slid cheat sheets out of the mini-skirts she wore on test days. I don't cheat on tests, but it was very tough not to look.

Fortunately for her the teacher sat semi-comatose at his desk, looking deeply into a cup of cold Dunkin Donuts coffee, and cursing his miserable luck for not having drawn a class more worthy of his gifts.
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