Monday, February 13, 2006

Yet Another Modest Proposal

Many commenters on this blog are extraordinarily upset with my repeated suggestions that we enact the ruling of the NY State Supreme Court that mandates good teachers, smaller classes and adequate facilities for NYC's 1.1 million schoolchildren. Many have chided me for my lack of a more imaginative alternative to paying competitive salaries, building more classrooms and hiring more and better teachers.

Doubtless Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki, who have both claimed to support the CFE ruling (as long as they don't have to pay for it) would applaud that sort of thinking. But how on earth do you achieve these goals, which no one will stand up and admit they don't care about, without actually paying for them? Is there nowhere for our heroes to turn?

Maybe there is a good way to pretend you're taking action without straining yourself too much. A South Wales Church now has a dial-a-prayer service. If paying for decent schools seems too much, you could pray for them instead. I cannot, however, assure you it hasn't been tried before.
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