Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Wheels of Change...

...in the United States turn a little too slowly for my taste. Still, there are encouraging signs looming beyond the outrageous scandals finally coming to light around the unelected and thus far unaccountable federal executive.

A very good one is the Ohio decision to rely on science rather than scripture when teaching "science" classes. The embarrassing spectacle of "intelligent design" is being forced out of Ohio schools in the form of a lesson plan offering alternatives to evolution. It's remarkable that 80 years after the Scopes trial, there is still controversy about relying on science, rahter than religion, in public school classrooms.

If religious schools wish to teach "intelligent design," or "creationism," or whatever they wish to call it, that's their prerogative. But that's one more reason, as though another were needed, to reinforce the separation of church and state and flatly deny public funds to religious schools.
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